This site gives an opportunity to a wide circle of the readers to get familiarized, for the first time, with a series of the books under the common name "Vita Incognita" that is translated as "Life Unknown". A series consists of seven books, but here only first three are presented:

- Book I - " Vita Incognita;

- Book 2 - " Illusion? - No, its Reality!

- Book 3 - "Spiritus Mundi ".

The books describe our life, which everyone has of his own. But there is a certain understanding and objectives in Life, which are common to all people, and everyone, while he still has time, will inevitably strive to grasp the essence of his life. Unfortunately, for the majority of us all that slips from our judgment, and monotonous everyday existence and struggle for survival leave no chances for us to concentrate on these philosophical categories. To our regret, the desire to find that very covert golden thread leading to cognizance of ones self comes to us too late. This site presents a unique opportunity for you to find the answers to such questions.

The following pages give only a brief description of the contents of the above-mentioned books. The complete text represented as separate chapters in the form the files of PDF format and archived with ZIP may be loaded additionally.

The page Articles contains the reports and articles on the subject, which had been prepared in different time for publishing them in the magazines or presenting at the conferences.

The page Contacts gives the contact requisites, wherefrom you can obtain consultations or clarifications, and also get in touch with the developers of this presentation. All business remarks and offers are welcomed and will be closely scrutinized.

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